Jan 6, 2012


Every time I went to write this post, I'd change my mind and just start editing, trying to get sessions done and not waste time. But after an experience I had tonight, I felt the need to put it out there.

Picture this...
a girl from the age of 8 always lugging around a camera (remember the long rectangular point and shoots with the 110 film speed?)

a girl with a blog and some cute kids and a passion for taking pictures

a girl getting asked by family and friends to take pictures of their family

this is how it started for me, a passion, an eye for photography but no training and no professional equipment... just people that liked what they saw and trusted me.

I got an SLR camera and I taught myself how to use it. I read and read and looked on blogs and watched a friend edit and most importantly, I practiced and practiced.

I'd make Halle sit on a chair in the front of our house in San Diego and I would take the same picture over and over using different exposures so I could understand shutter speed, ISO and Aperture.

I did it for free for a year, than charged $50 and gave the whole CD of images (oh yes I did!!!!!)

I got a license, and eventually a website. I found a professional lab and learned the difference between a pro lab and other printers.

After a year in Casper, my youngest baby was 15 months and I felt like I could commit to weddings... but I was dragged, kicking and screaming, scared to death into doing them.

I put my business cards into one little baby store and from that got some clients... from that got spread around on facebook like wild fire.. from that got more weddings and more and more.

Fast forward 3 years and we have the year 2011 which forever changed my life. I did 13 weddings and I don't even know how many sessions BUT I took on too much. I felt horrible saying NO to people and because of the high demand of summer and fall pics I figured I could kill myself for a few months like I had thought I did the last 2 years.

So this is where I'm at... still have 25 sessions to edit and turn around time has been about 3 months I also have 10 Wedding Albums to design so I will not be scheduling FEB, MAR and APRIL. There are a few exceptions I have already committed to.

I want you to know I have not stopped working. This is no 9-5 job. I put everything into my sessions and editing and feel that I go the extra mile.

I also have 3 kids and a life and responsibilities and am starting to go more than a little crazy (just ask my husband) from going to bed at 3:30 every night.

I've always been sensitive and have reacted with my heart and not with my head.

So that's why when nights like tonight when I get told that I'm an "amateur" because it took 3 months to get their pictures done, I cry. When I'm accused of being more interested in promoting my business on facebook because I put the pics up before they got the email that they were done and up on my website. i cry ....Then I GET MAD. That's when a little rant usually ends up on facebook:)

SO I'm just asking my wonderful patient clients to be understanding. I took on way too much and I will not be doing this again... but as I've stated if I didn't take on so much than would you of gotten a session?

99% tell me I'm worth the wait:) Why is it that 1% makes me sad? I take pictures to make people happy and give people memories and it's all SO personal to me... that's why it makes me sad.


SO I have decided that this is my business and I no longer wish to deal with rude, impatient, high maintenance people. I haven't worked out the details but I will releasing dates and emailing them to people who have contacted me about summer/fall sessions in order. If I have additional spots open I will post them on here and facebook or refer to the "waiting list". I have 16 weddings next year and since this is what takes most of my time I will be LIMITING my sessions.

No need to email me now.... after my editing is finished I will figure out my availability this summer/fall and ask you to email if you want to book a session.

I also want to make it clear that I will put all of my creativity, hard work and passion into each session. (I spend about 10-12 hours on each session, x5 for weddings)

BUT if you are in a time crunch and aren't prepared to wait for pics than I ask that you choose another photographer. Also, no offense to my former clients but I will no longer be doing 90's style collages, studio work, I despise flash and I hate swapping heads. My style is candid and I off center pics and "crop tops of heads off":) on purpose. There is no "back up plan", if the weather just wont cooperate than we postpone.

There is nothing wrong liking these things... they just aren't me:)

I think is the longest blog post ever:)