Jan 29, 2011

Bridal Fair| Wedding Photographer

I decided to participate in The Bridal Extravaganza last minute. I've really never advertised before and all the weddings I've booked have been by word of mouth or from Facebook. I think it went well and I may just be adding a few weddings to my schedule. Too bad almost everyone was interested is getting married in July... 6 of my 8 weddings were already booked for July.

Jan 19, 2011


This month is the THIRD ANNIVERSARY of Jen Hebert Photography!!!!

Im excited to announce that my Website is updated with 2010 photos, YEAH!!!!! It hadn't been updated since last April so it was quite the task (which was why I avoided it for so long). Believe me I will NEVER wait that long again!!!!

I also added a Wedding, Bride/Groom, Engagement and Senior section. So check. it. out.

The other news is that I have a booth at the Bridal Extravaganza on Saturday at The Casper Events Center:) Im so excited and nervous. I have never aggressively advertised my business. I have my Business Cards at a few shops in town and through word of mouth (by that I mean almost exclusively Facebook) I have been blessed with a thriving Business.

After a crazy busy Summer, Fall and Winter I decided that Im ready to go full force into this Wedding Business. I will of course always being doing other kinds of sessions. I have just found such a passion in the details of Wedding Photography... although believe me it is NERVE. RACKINGLY. STRESSFUL!!!!!

So far this year I have 8 weddings booked and hopefully I will get my name out there on Saturday. Thank you my dear clients and friends for your constant support (you know who you are ).

COME TO MY BOOTH THIS WEEKEND! Admission is only $5! I will be the booth with all the pink and I'll also have some chocolate and Diet Coke:)

And because posts are boring without pictures... here's my family photo (taken by my dear friend Carin Davis).

Jan 15, 2011

finally home |Casper, WY Chidren's Photographer

This sweet little one is a fighter.... she spent her first three months of life at the NICU in Denver. She's back home now and doing great. I was so excited to finally meet Miss K.

Her little cousins came to join us...

Jan 6, 2011


I found this AWESOME template that Im going to get printed as a 20x20 of my family. I decided that it would be fun to choose my 45 favorite images of clients that I shot in 2010 . It was hard to decide! Some are technically perfect, others are so NOT, some I choose because of the emotion I felt from them and others I just felt a connection to . To be honest, some of them might of been different if my mood was different. OR if I hadn't forgotten a bunch of shoots I had already taken off of my computer. But I LOVE these images.

TWO others that didn't quite fit were...

This one...

is a father/daughter dance made more special with a surprise song and a voice over of the beautiful bride reading a letter she wrote to her father. As I was taking this picture I was watching my family, my sweet cousin (the bride) and my very special Uncle cry. I was BAWLING and couldn't see through the lens....

This one...

because they trusted me enough to be there. They asked me to capture one of the most special moments of their life. Giving birth to my 3 children were my three best memories. And yes I was crying....

Also, I love the sister in the background... and if you look hard under the curtain you will see some cute little feet of grandma, who was invited in but felt like she should just be right there:)

I choose this image because it tells a story. They met while both playing B-Ball in college. And although she is an athlete, she's also SO about these Red Jessica Simpson High Heels (love you M)!

This one minute old newborn had the strength to grab the side of the scale with all of his might. The nurse had to pry his little fingers off to pick him up.

Little Izzy fell asleep during the shoot. Daddy picked her up, thinking she would wake up for the family portrait... she didn't. The thing I love the most is that they chose the one of her asleep with the whole family as their enlargement, even thought they had others to choose from.

Watching the love that a mother has for her daughter is a very powerful thing. Especially on a mountain filled with Wildflowers with a big sun flare in the background.

I love this because it wasn't planned. We were walking around this bldg. after shooting on the other side and noticed the shadow of her cute belly on the wall and made her stop.

This little stinker would not stop running around, she wasn't feeling me at all. In one little split second I got this shot of her BEAUTIFUL face making contact with me.

Light is the most important factor in photography... I love this light and this bride and everything about this picture. Especially after I dragged her beautiful dress around the shore for 2 hours. Her mom was ready to kill me but I just kept insisting that pictures were the most important thing about remembering a Wedding Dress, am I right?

Another tear filled moment. A mom seeing her little girl in her dress, ready to walk down the aisle. She had just finished putting her mother's earrings on her daughter. I truly felt the grandmothers spirit in that room.

And my very FAVORITE were these two (It was just impossible for me to choose)

this one...

the weather was insane and we almost stopped because of a wind storm followed by rain. The sky opened up and the light was amazing. You would never known that this was taken at such a simple place. All we needed was the sky, light and an incredible couple.

And this one...

well beside the amazing location... I felt like a paparazzi photographing a celebrity couple in love. They are just too darling for words.

My favorite thing when shooting is when I feel like Im photographing something that would be happening if I was there or not. The interaction between a parent and child, the young couple in love or the veterans of marriage that realize they haven't had a picture together alone in years and they suddenly kiss or make each other laugh. My goal in 2011 is to do more of this and less of what I think the client wants (posed). Hopefully, this will be appreciated.