Jan 28, 2010

*Outside the box*

I LOVE to try new things with photography... something other than the "Sunday Best Posed Picture". I would love to come to YOUR HOME and photograph your child in their OWN environment where they feel most comfortable. Contact me to schedule this "Candid Style Shoot".

Jan 27, 2010

Why Choose Custom Photography?

THIS ARTICLE and THIS ARTICLE sum up what I tell my clients about how much of my heart, soul and time I put into EVERY shoot. It also explains why you are NOT going to get the quality of prints if you take your CD to Wal-Mart, Walgreens etc.

***If I could give advice for budgeting for my clients I would recommend that when you book a session you are aware of the session fee AS WELL as packages and individual prints and are prepared to make that investment. I keep my print prices EXTREMELY reasonable so that it is affordable to actually have a wall full of prints of the session you invested in.

My policy is that Packages and Prints MUST BE ORDERED within TWO weeks from the date you receive your proof gallery. If not, there is a $75 archival fee to re-open the order. This is common in the industry (actually 4 days to order is usually the norm). I need to do this because I have 3 small kids and without a cap in ordering there is no finality of the session. I would constantly be ordering from several clients at a time. I've also found that most people like having a time limit to get it done. Some clients have said they regret not ordering because all of a sudden a year has gone by and than it seems as if to much time has passed to invest on an order. The balance for your order is due BEFORE I place the order.