Jan 30, 2012

Bride+groom L and J|Casper WY Wedding Photographer

On their wedding day it poured and poured...

We met again a few weeks later because flash pictures in a dark church just don't cut it for me!

I think we choose the windiest, coldest day possible for the re-shoot. I made them kiss a lot to hide swirling hair and closed eyes... they weren't complaining:)

Jan 28, 2012

newborn session price change

Because of extra shooting and prep time , Newborn sessions will now be $300. This session is for baby and parents only. If you wish for other siblings to be involved it must be an outdoor session or an "at home session" in your home.

If you book a Birth Story with me you will get $50 off the Newborn session.

Birth Stories are $400 and include the CD of all images.

If you have already scheduled a newborn session with me the old session fee of $250 will be honored.


An example of a BIRTH STORY

Birth Stories are my absolute FAVORITE thing to shoot!!! Email me for more details:)

fall and sunshine | Casper WY Family Photographer

I have to admit, I find it hilarious when other people's kids are misbehaving. At one point in this session as I was shooting the family pic little Mr. pulled down his pants and peed. Little Miss C wouldn't keep her boots on and well just look at the seventh image... hilarious. It ended with lollipops and all was well even though both little girls tried to steal Jakes.

Little Miss K was having a good day:) Can't believe how far she's come. Last January when I photographed her she had spent several months at the hospital in Denver and we had to stop every 20 minutes to give her oxygen. Look at her now with her sweet little duck lips. And she's getting a little sister this April!

I love capturing the sweet relationship that cousins have.

Jan 25, 2012

a family divided | Casper WY Family Photographer

you will see why at the end:)

but I have a feeling they are only divided with Football....

Jan 22, 2012

days like this make me smile | Casper WY Family Photographer

This friend and neighbor was my saving grace last Fall. I could go to shoots knowing my kids were well taken care of. I can't thank her enough...