Jan 19, 2011


This month is the THIRD ANNIVERSARY of Jen Hebert Photography!!!!

Im excited to announce that my Website is updated with 2010 photos, YEAH!!!!! It hadn't been updated since last April so it was quite the task (which was why I avoided it for so long). Believe me I will NEVER wait that long again!!!!

I also added a Wedding, Bride/Groom, Engagement and Senior section. So check. it. out.

The other news is that I have a booth at the Bridal Extravaganza on Saturday at The Casper Events Center:) Im so excited and nervous. I have never aggressively advertised my business. I have my Business Cards at a few shops in town and through word of mouth (by that I mean almost exclusively Facebook) I have been blessed with a thriving Business.

After a crazy busy Summer, Fall and Winter I decided that Im ready to go full force into this Wedding Business. I will of course always being doing other kinds of sessions. I have just found such a passion in the details of Wedding Photography... although believe me it is NERVE. RACKINGLY. STRESSFUL!!!!!

So far this year I have 8 weddings booked and hopefully I will get my name out there on Saturday. Thank you my dear clients and friends for your constant support (you know who you are ).

COME TO MY BOOTH THIS WEEKEND! Admission is only $5! I will be the booth with all the pink and I'll also have some chocolate and Diet Coke:)

And because posts are boring without pictures... here's my family photo (taken by my dear friend Carin Davis).