Dec 12, 2011

UPDATED Client Order

Im still receiving numerous emails a day from clients wondering when their pictures will be done. I know everyone is anxious but answering emails, texts and messages is cutting into my editing time... SO I decided to give you the order here. Please follow this post to see the order of your session, I will update as I edit down the list. I CANNOT give you an exact estimate when your session will be done, all I can say is that I've never worked so long and hard in my life, I promise you this.

Thank you for your patience:) Im done shooting for the year so editing time will go a bit quicker. Below the list is an explanation of my editing process and the time I put into every session.


1. Rianna - DONE
2. Tara's Wedding- DONE
3. Brooke-DONE
4. Jen Miner-DONE
5 . Gina/maternity/b. story- DONE
6. Morgan's Wedding- DONE
7. Kori-DONE
8. Ashlyn-DONE
9. Jessi Waring-DONE
10. Kellie- DONE
11. Andrea Edwards-DONE
12. Shelby DONE
13.Big Baker Family DONE
14.Mindy DONE
15. Joy DONE
16.Becky DONE
17. Sara/newborn DONE
18. Jessie wagner DONE
19. Idalia DONE
20. Kayla/newborn DONE
21.Andrea Tuma DONE
22.Daphne DONE
23. Fleur DONE
24.Rebecca DONE
25. Bryce DONE
26. April DONE
27. Alisha DONE
28. Lacey WeddingDONE
29. Micheal DONE
30. Stacy DONE
31. Candy DONE
32. Owens bday party DONE
33.Catelyn DONE
34. Logan DONE
35. Amanda Branon DONE
36. Heidi DONE
37. Bobbie DONE
38. Amanda DONE

39. Gina birth story/newborn
40. Kelsey's Wedding
41. Jill Mat

I spend 10-12 hours on EVERY shoot ....that includes shooting, downloading, selecting images, editing (every zit, booger, mosquito bite, soften wrinkles etc), cropping, blogging, re-sizing to website, emailing, consulting and ordering... weddings times that by 5. I really am going as fast as I can :) Next year I will be limiting my sessions... if I survive that is!