Oct 6, 2011

livvy lou and her family too |SLC Ut Family Photographer

Have you ever had a dear dear friend that you have only spoken to a few times in the last fifteen years but when you do it's as if no time has not passed and it's the same comfortable feeling? Ang is that friend for me. This is why I LOVE facebook... because I can somewhat keep in touch with old friends that may fade away with the craziness of life. Miss Angela is so amazing, she started sharing the severity of her darling daughter Olivia's medical issues and the journey they have been on for the past 3 years. The only darn thing I could do is to take pictures so I sort of forced myself upon them and we met up in my favorite place in the world while the Wildflowers were blooming. It's also the place that we went skiing every Saturday in High School:)

I fell in love with their family.

Honestly, she's going to kill me because she's the least "cheesy" girl there is but you could just feel the bond they have for each other. The trials have brought them so close. The older two love love love their baby sister so much. And Dave is pretty much the nicest guy in the entire world. She has four angels on this earth watching her every step.