Sep 23, 2011

A few decisions and THANKS again for being patient...

So I had one of those "Im a bad mom moments yesterday". I've been having those more and more lately. I just haven't been able to keep on top of everything lately and work "triple time".

As I've said before, July through October in Casper the weather is beautiful and reliable because of this I didn't want to turn people away. I totally overextended myself. At this time I have 23 sessions and 5 weddings to edit and 30 more to shoot Sep-Nov. Throw 12 weddings in there this summer and that is the reason for the delay in your images and my personal bad mom moments. I take every shoot seriously and will not do anything other than my best to hurry along anyone's session. Because of this I once again PLEAD for your patience.

*Right now editing time is 6-8 weeks, it sucks, I know but it's the way it is:(

*Wedding books will be completed in Nov/Dec when I will not be taking very many sessions.

*Kelly Walsh SENIORS, your deadline is Oct 7 for your yearbook pics. I will post 3 completed images for you to pick to send in if your session did not fall into the 6-8 week timeline.

*NO NEED to call, text or email about your session, I haven't forgotten you and I will contact you when they are ready.

As for the future, I will be limiting my sessions. I also have decided I will no longer be doing "mini-sessions" for one child. I always spent just as much time on these sessions and I need to do what is beneficial for my family. Of course I would still love to capture your milestones but they will be the same price as regular session so bring along the parents and siblings:) Im not a portrait photographer, I do hour and a half interactive sessions. So if you're looking for a few posed pics I may not be your gal:)

I've also decided that since my passion is on location natural light photography I will only be doing this even into the winter months as well. I've tried to love studio/flash work. BUT I DON'T. I will ONLY be doing indoor shoots for newborn-6 month and "at your home sessions" in the winter.

Thank you for understanding and for choosing me to capture your families!!!!!!!