Mar 4, 2010

"Photography As Art"... Photo Wall Ideas

Im often asked how to do a "Photo Wall". I really have no rules.... this example is at the top of my stairs. I mixed old and new pictures as well as color and black and white with different colors/finish frames. I love to buy Vintage Frames and paint them different colors.

Or you could do all black and white...

My staircase is rather steep so I did three rows of three that you could see as you come up the stairs as well as by the half wall on the top of the stairs. These pictures are all "Metallic" (my favorite).

This is an example of mixing and matching frames for a display on a dresser.

My favorite size is 12x12. I put four together making a large square for a small wall between two doors.

I want to swap these pictures out to black and white because I have color everywhere else.... I need more walls!

Use shelves and off center them to mix and match large and small prints.

Ever wondered what to hang in a bathroom? Put your kids in the tub filled with bubbles, take a picture, blow it up and frame it. If you don't have kids... use your dog!

Im always changing around my Fireplace. It is usually the focal point of a room so I display our most recent or my favorite images. Use several sizes and layer them. And of course mix the images with HOLIDAY decorations.