Sep 11, 2011

what to wear

I always say COORDINATE do not match, meaning pick 3 or 4 colors and everyone wear a variation of them . I love COLORS patterns and layers and accesoriesI

These are my opinions based on My experience of what I think photographs well:)

Here are some of my Do's and Dont's=

DONT wear all WHITE shirts (or black or red or ANYTHING where everyone is in the same color. This is a very dated look (90's:)) Also everyone blends together and makes the image less interesting.

DO wear patterns! I love little boys and men in a colorful plaid shirt. I then would have others bring out one of the colors of the plaid shirt and wear a plain colored shirt and pair it with a cute scarf, boots or heels.

DONT wear LOGOS!!!!!! No NIKE, PATAGONIA, GAP or other labels. This is VERY distracting in an image. There is a slight exception to this... if you prefer a more urban style sometimes graphic tees work:) For example a "Rockstar" shirt, make sense?

DO layers! Put a polo shirt under the little guys plaid shirt. Bring a denim Jacket to wear over the dress. A cute Pea Coat with matching heels is just darling! Switching out layers changes up the look and feel of the photos.

DONT wear something unflattering. This seems like a given right? BUT Im constantly surprised when women complain that they hate their arms yet they choose a short sleeve shirt. To this I say 3/4 length sleeves:)

DO go shopping and purchase new clothes (or at least some new items). I figure, if you are investing in a photo session than you would like the images as awesome as possible right? Put some thought into the outfits:)

Here's a few examples of sessions I thought photographed well

well the first one is my darling family looking darling if you ask me:)